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WavyFields is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with a mission to restore, sustain, and enhance human health through an evidence-based integrative health program.

Background of WavyFields

WavyFields was incorporated in July 2021 and officially launched in December 2021. The Executive Director of WavyFields was inspired to use his education (Master of Public Health) and work experience (researcher and project manager at a health science research and teaching university) to research and then organize the most impactful evidence-based health research into one space.


The WavyFields website serves as a simple and organized space for anyone to learn about the practices that may help a person to feel and function their best. All of the evidence-based health research that is shared with schools and businesses can be found on the WavyFields website, but schools and businesses can expect the examples created from the information to be customized to fit their specific audience.

Work with WavyFields

To book WavyFields to virtually present at your school or businesses, please use the booking calendar that is coming soon.


All donations that WavyFields receives will be used for achieving the mission stated above. The donation page can be accessed by clicking here.


WavyFields has a monthly Newsletter that can be subscribed to by clicking here. Each Newsletter contains a short Purpose, Background, and Practice section about an evidence-based health subtopic. There are 23 topics that are contained within the 5 categories on the WavyFields website. A subtopic that is presented in a bi-monthly Newsletter will be related to one of the 23 topics.

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